Lightroom 5 – First Impressions

I just upgraded to Lightroom 5 yesterday, and used it as an opportunity to go back through some older photos and put some of the new features to the test. These are not necessarily the most important or outstanding features, but they struck me as useful improvements.

Radial gradients
I was getting a similar effect using extra large brushes with lots of feathering but the radial gradient allows you to create elliptical shapes. Perfect, and so very useful.

Now this is the feature that surprised me. Visiting some photos from my trip to Singapore earlier this year, I was able to get great results out of some old photos that I had previously almost discarded. Fortunately I hung on to them because the straightening effect really makes them work where they were previously weakened by all of the disparate angles and lines.




It’s quite surprising how effective the Upright transformation can be at improving an otherwise ordinary photo. The transformations applied by Upright go far beyond a simple straightening tool, and can fix the “leaning buildings” effect that you get at wider angles.

I found this one by accident. The F key gets you straight to a fullscreen preview. Not revolutionary but useful nonetheless.

An evolutionary upgrade to be sure, but some great new features that will see a lot of use.


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