Fujifilm Australia – Travel Hijacker

Port Vila Fruit Markets, X-Pro1 with Zeiss 2/50 Planar

An image that I submitted to Fujifilm Australia’s Travel Hijacker competition was recently selected as the winner! It was taken on our recent trip to Vanuatu at the fruit markets in Port Vila.

Vanuatu was an amazing place for photography, not just for its sweeping views of the pacific or lush inland foliage, but simply for the beautiful and generous people of the island. Strangers greet you with a big warm smile and wave. Children come running to say hello and jump to an enthusiastic high-five. While most of the tourist activity is concentrated around the capital Port Vila, a majority of the locals live in rural villages where agriculture is the main source of their livelihood. The markets serve as the central hub for them to sell their produce mostly to tourists or residents of the city.

Some additional photos from around the island:

Vanuatu School, X-Pro1 with Zeiss 2/50 PlanarLong Jump, X-Pro1 with Zeiss 2/50 PlanarSchool Library, X-Pro1 with Zeiss 2/50 PlanarAnn Marie, X-Pro1 with Zeiss 2/50 PlanarStreet Boules, X-Pro1 with Zeiss 2/50 PlanarTamanu Beach, X-Pro1 with Zeiss 2/50 Planar

A big thank you to Fujifilm Australia for choosing my photo. There were some amazing entries in the contest and I feel very honoured to have been picked. See the other entries here.


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