The Artwork of Warrick Wong – X-Pro1

I have always admired artists who work with materials like paint and clay, fashioning it into artistic creations reminiscent of reality or otherwise. With cameras we capture light with immediacy, exactly as it falls at a specific moment in time. Painting on the other hand relies on a process of recall and recreation which takes place over a period of many hours or days. As a photographer I equate this process as similar to breaking a digital image up into its individual pixels and reassembling it, out of order, jigsaw puzzle style. It has never worked for me and this is precisely the reason that I have so much respect for those who are able to see and create art in this fashion.

Warrick Wong, one of my resident “talented at lots of things” friends (seen here in full gravity defying flight), had me around to photograph some of his artworks which were to be sold at a recent exhibition. Working in his quaint garage studio, an easel which consists of a chair stacked on a desk, paint and materials tidily arranged on bookshelves and canvas scattered about the place, I photographed Warrick as he worked on a series of artworks based on The Avengers.

See more of Warrick’s artwork at

I used my SB-900 with an Elinchrom white reflective umbrella. Images processed in VSCO Film 02 and 03. X-Pro1 with Zeiss 2/50 Planar.



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