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Daniel, X-Pro1 with Zeiss 2/50 Planar ZM

A Quick Portrait – Testing the new Elinchrom D-Lite RX One

I have been testing a new set of studio strobes, the Elinchrom D-Lite RX One kit. This quick set was taken for my good friend Daniel, a guitarist and singer with whom I established an instant friendship with when we met years ago. Dan has always impressed me with his tenacity and persistence in pursuit […]

Fashion, X-Pro1, Colours and Focus Peaking

I recently undertook a project which brought me closer to the high fashion and fine art side of photography, shooting a dress design for my new friend Catherine and model Holly. Although I consider it unfamiliar territory, I approached the shoot and style in the same way that I do any other portrait, with the […]

The Artwork of Warrick Wong – X-Pro1

I have always admired artists who work with materials like paint and clay, fashioning it into artistic creations reminiscent of reality or otherwise. With cameras we capture light with immediacy, exactly as it falls at a specific moment in time. Painting on the other hand relies on a process of recall and recreation which takes […]

Band Photography – Shezbot

I have been a little quiet on the blog recently, mostly due to having a lot of photography projects over the past few weeks in addition to getting quite sick at the same time. I have also invested in some new equipment which is being put through some rigorous testing, but more on this later. […]

Drama, strobes and shadow – X-Pro1

Chiaroscuro – The use of strong contrasts between light and dark. My most used light modifier in the past few months has been the Photek Softlighter II, but the soft and dreamy light that it produces has a certain quality and characteristic that makes it inappropriate for a certain type of lighting that I also […]

High Speed Flash Photography at Night – Tricking with the X-Pro1

I organised a shoot with Warrick, displaying some of his paintings for an upcoming exhibition of his when I discovered that in addition to being a talented artist, Warrick is also capable of some remarkable feats of acrobatics. This was to be my introduction to the spectacular world of martial arts tricking (check it out […]

Back To Basics – X-Pro1

I met Jess very recently, the singer in a band that I photographed a few weeks ago. I was doing some individual photos for band promotional material which took very little time to complete, so I offered to take some additional photographs just for her. It was a good opportunity to really push my SB-900 […]