An image that I submitted to Fujifilm Australia’s Travel Hijacker competition was recently selected as the winner! It was taken on our recent trip to Vanuatu at the fruit markets in Port Vila. Vanuatu was an amazing place for photography, not just for its sweeping views of the pacific or lush inland foliage, but simply […]

Chiaroscuro – The use of strong contrasts between light and dark. My most used light modifier in the past few months has been the Photek Softlighter II, but the soft and dreamy light that it produces has a certain quality and characteristic that makes it inappropriate for a certain type of lighting that I also […]

I organised a shoot with Warrick, displaying some of his paintings for an upcoming exhibition of his when I discovered that in addition to being a talented artist, Warrick is also capable of some remarkable feats of acrobatics. This was to be my introduction to the spectacular world of martial arts tricking (check it out […]

I met Jess very recently, the singer in a band that I photographed a few weeks ago. I was doing some individual photos for band promotional material which took very little time to complete, so I offered to take some additional photographs just for her. It was a good opportunity to really push my SB-900 […]

I have a new secret weapon. Using this thing is almost like cheating. I found out about the Photek Softlighter II from David Hobby’s blog, and after seeing a video of Annie Leibovitz using a single Photek to light a shoot with Keith Richards (it is an old video from 2009 but still available […]

I had a rare opportunity to catch up with my good friend Ash today and before stopping for some lunch I spotted an opportunity for a portrait using some of the colourful street scenery in Newtown. I recently started playing around with the Fujinon XF 18-55mm zoom lens on the X-Pro1. I got this lens […]

I just upgraded to Lightroom 5 yesterday, and used it as an opportunity to go back through some older photos and put some of the new features to the test. These are not necessarily the most important or outstanding features, but they struck me as useful improvements. Radial gradients I was getting a similar effect […]